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In the early stages of human life, embryonic stem cells are full of potential, being able to multiply and differentiate into any cell type or tissue of the body. With time, however, cells begin to age – they stop dividing and lose functionality. Now, thanks to a major scientific breakthrough, Scéil proposes to reboot adult cells so that they regain their full potential.

iPS Cell revolution

Our program

Scéil focus
Scéil is dedicated to iPS cell technology. This technology has the potential to reverse, or even cure, disease and repair damaged tissues. At Scéil, we organize collection of tissue samples from individual clients and use them to produce a store of our clients’ own iPS cells. These remain available for their lifetime in case of a need in the future when regenerative medicine treatments become available.

About us

Scéil the Company
Scéil is part of Cellectis Group, a world-leader in genome engineering and stem cell technology. Scéil has been set up as the first and only company in the world to offer individuals the chance to have a sample of their cells transformed into ‘induced pluripotent stem cells’ (iPS cells) and stored for their lifetime.

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